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More About the HopeChest Missions Model

send-me-icon-1 Our Community-to-Community approach allows for transformation in the community you adopt AS WELL AS at your home church community.
send-me-icon-2 Survive. Thrive. Succeed. These are the steps that every CarePoint takes to become successful and sustainable.
send-me-icon-3 Transformation through Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal. Without Jesus being in the center of all we do, our efforts are meaningless. Become a part of LEADING the hearts of children TOWARDS Christ!
send-me-icon-4 Our indigenous staff will create a long-term, realistic development plan that we implement together.
send-me-icon-5 Sustainability – one of the most important aspects of the long-term plan. By creating a sustainable community, the children your congregation sponsor have a chance to succeed.
send-me-icon-6 HopeChest currently works with almost 100 partners in the US and Canada who support over 100 CarePoints in seven countries.
send-me-icon-7 HopeChest is here to help your community be successful and see true transformation occur. We provide assistance for small group involvement, ongoing fundraising ideas and support, and a Partner Relations Manager to guide you through all aspects of the partnership.

So what makes the HopeChest model different? Why should you consider partnering with us? The answer is based in our long-term, community-to-community approach to missions. This model allows for a church to get deeply involved in the lives of a community overseas. By going deep in the relationship, you will see transformation in the community you partner with AS WELL AS in your own church community.

Got questions?

Contact Wil Crooks at wcrooks@hopechest.org, (269) 352 8732.

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