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Children’s HopeChest works on 4 continents and in 8 countries around the world. Over 25,500 children are served every week. Learn more about the countries where we work, the CarePoints we partner with, and the children we serve.


In India, HopeChest partners with the Friends of the Good Samaritan school. Rising from the slums of India, the Good Samaritan school can serve 4,400 students, although in 2010, it was only operating at about 25 percent of it’s total capacity. Schooling in India is not free, and therefore many poor, vulnerable, or orphaned children are unable to attend school.

Through the HopeChest sponsorship program, children from very poor families are given the chance to attend a first-rate, Christian school—one of less than 5 government-recognized Christian schools in Northern India for children from the slums. Graduates of the schools are qualified to apply to any college in India.

Sponsorship also funds one nutritious meal per day. For many, it is the only food they will get the chance to eat. And, the school provides medical care including anti-parasite medications and vitamins.


Get Involved

Your community can sponsor a classroom of children at the Friends of the Good Samaritan school and help them continue to grow strong bodies, strong minds, and strong faith in the Lord.

India Stats

  • Population: 1.2 billion
  • Literacy (those 15 and over who can read and write): 62.8%
  • Child Labor Rate: 12% (26,965,074 children)
  • People Living with HIV/AIDS: 2,085,000 million
  • Population Below Poverty Line: 29.8%

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