3 Alternatives to the New Year’s Resolution.

New Years 13

January is the time for resolutions.

We pledge to eat better in the New Year, to lose weight, to save more, to spend differently… Most resolutions are well-intentioned, but historically very few are ever lived out. But this year could be different.

What if this year, we took our resolutions and centered them on the fatherless and vulnerable?

Here are three alternatives to the traditional New Year’s resolution.

1. Sponsor a Child.
You can sponsor a child with Children’s HopeChest this year. Here are a few locations to pick from:

Bukedea CarePoint: Uganda
Warancha CarePoint: Ethiopia
Bheveni CarePoint: Swaziland
Good Samaritan: India

2. Write Your Child Every Month.
The top question we get from the kids in every country is, “Do you have a letter for me?” Make a resolution to write your sponsored child every month. Set a reminder in your calendar to do it every month on the same day. A personal letter from your family makes the most amazing difference. It communicates that children are loved, supported, and cared for. Write you child here.

3. Visit Your Sponsored Child.
Make this the year you travel with HopeChest to visit your sponsored child. Make the commitment to take a mission trip with HopeChest. Or, get your community involved with Children’s HopeChest and sponsor a brand new location. The next vision trip to Ethiopia leaves in March 2013. Click here for more information.

It’s much easier to write than to do. But even a simple first step can set 2013 on a course for deeper greatness. Blessings to you in 2013!

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