New Kostroma Ministry Center

A great and much-anticipated event took place on September 23rd – the opening of all programs in the new Kostroma Ministry Center. This building’s purchase was made possible by the generous donations of our numerous friends of Nadezhda Fund and Children HopeChest. We are eternally grateful!

Many guests were invited to our new Ministry Center’s house-warming party, including the heroes of the day – older orphans from various orphanages of Kostroma Region. Guests also included representatives from the Department of Education, orphanage directors and representatives of local government.
Program participants prepared  for this celebration for three weeks. They helped renovate the new building and the surrounding area. During our ceremony, one of the most active participants of the Ministry Center’s programs cut a red ribbon in front of the entrance.  Everyone proceeded into a big room, festively decorated with balloons and other ornaments. Father Andrei (the Director of Kovaliovo Orphanage) addressed everyone, blessing future work to be done in the new building.
Over 50 people joined us in this great celebration. The guests, including the local Deputy, the Deputy Director of the Department of Education, the Deputy Director of Social Services and the Director of Kostroma #1, congratulated the older orphans with this great event.
The Kostroma Ministry Center Staff wants to express their gratitude for making this event and celebration possible. The event was a great joy to us all. We assure you that every older orphan will always get help here and will always feel loved and cared for.
We are sure that every graduate will be able to find support, care and love in any situation, here at the Ministry Center. We wish you were able to be here with us on this special day, but we certainly thought and talked about our friends who have helped us purchase this wonderful home. Thank you for the kindness that you share with our children. May God keep you and your families safe.
The kids and the staff of Kostroma Ministry Center

Natasha G. – “I absolutely love the new building! I liked everything. I am grateful to Nadezhda Fund and Children’s Hopechest for their care, for giving us a new home. Thank you!”

Valya G. – “Thank you so much. I am very happy we now have a new beautiful building, and most importantly – it’s our building. I come here every week to participate in different events. I like it a lot here. Thank you so much that Children’s Hopechest doesn’t forget about us and helps us all the time. Everything you do helps people like me. May the Lord bless you with His generous hand.”


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