75 orphans in Haiti need your voice right now

They need you to read this blog post. They need you to sign this petition.

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Here are just a few of the kids from Son of God Orphanage.


In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Children’s HopeChest began support of the Son of God orphanage outside Port-au-Prince. However, over the past 15 months, a pattern of abuse, neglect, and child trafficking has been exposed at Son of God.

We attempted to work through local officials to remove corrupt leaders who were taking advantage of children. And in July, one of the directors was imprisoned after being found guilty of human trafficking.

Sadly, not much changed at the orphanage following the director’s removal. Since that time, we have worked with the government to close the orphanage and relocate the children.

Teams of supporters have documented abuse, starvation, and burns. International rights groups have compiled sufficient evidence to link human trafficking of specific children back to the orphanage.

At least 40 children are missing at this time.

This past weekend, it was revealed that the government officials supposedly helping the children, are actually part of this systematic abuse and trafficking.

I have posted a very important blog about this issue, and would ask that you take time to read it today and consider signing our Change.org petition urging CNN to bring international media pressure to shut down the Son of God orphanage in Haiti.



Please be in strong prayer for the children of Son of God. They need physical protection from their very real and evil enemies.

For the Fatherless,

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Tom Davis

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