Uganda Flood Relief Report


Your support blesses vulnerable children at the Ngariam and Adacar CarePoints

In October 2012, the communities served by the Ngariam and Adacar CarePoints were impacted by a flood that ruined crops and homes throughout the area.  As flood waters receded, remaining pools of water created ideal conditions for mosquitoes to breed. This presented a serious health threat, especially for children.  As mosquitoes multiply, so does the likelihood of being bitten by a malaria-infected mosquito.

After the flood, our Uganda Country Director, Joseph Elotu, requested emergency assistance for 800 children at the Ngariam and Adacar CarePoints.

HopeChest has established the Uganda Flood Relief intervention fund to provide all 800 children with the following:

  • A new mosquito net to prevent the spread of malaria
  • 100 water purification tablets that can treat up to 2,000 liters of drinking water
  • A warm blanket
  • A suitable mattress

The total required to provide these items is $46,000 or $57.50 per child. Through December 2012, HopeChest received $21,592, 47 percent of our initial goal.

Children’s HopeChest and our Uganda leadership team determined the top funding priorities were mosquito nets and mattresses. A total of 775 mosquito nets, and 723 mattresses were purchased and distributed to the children of Adacar and Ngariam.

Your gift was a very special Christmas blessing to children and families near the Ngariam and Adacar CarePoints. We’d like to briefly share the impact of your gift.

Practical Christmas Gifts

With your support, leadership at the Ngariam and Adacar CarePoints distributed 723 sponge mattresses and 775 mosquito nets to children and families with children.

These gifts of practical care deeply impacted everyone who received them. An insecticide-treated mosquito net significantly reduces the chance of becoming infected by malaria, making your gift a life-saving measure. CarePoint staff report that people were completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the very timely and useful gifts.

The majority of those receiving a sponge mattress had never slept on a mattress before.  Being able to sleep on a mattress is better for their bodies, keeps them raised off the floor, and, of course, is a lot more comfortable!

The gift was more than they could have imagined. Children will remember this demonstration of love, knowing that God has provided people to care for their needs.

Thank you for giving children at the Ngariam and Adacar CarePoints such practical, meaningful Christmas gifts. The words of one child summarize well those of the many grateful hearts, “Thank you so much for being kind, caring, loving and supportive to us. We feel loved and highly esteemed. May the good Lord richly bless you and your families.”

Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Through your support, and the blessing of practical Christmas gifts, children and their families come to a deeper understanding of God’s care for them. Thank you for filling the hearts and protecting the bodies of vulnerable children in Uganda.

Mattress & Mosquito Net Distribution Photos
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