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Stop The Secret!

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Help Victims of Sex Trafficking: What you can do right now!

As HopeChest launches ministry to victims of sex trafficking in Moldova, we’ve identified several critical projects that need our help right now.


Many of you have asked us how you can help right now. We are working with local ministries in Moldova who are helping bring healing to girls rescued from brothels.

If you would like to bring healing to victims of sex trafficking, then we invite you to make a gift toward our Stop the Secret Moldova Launch Fund.

There are 4 young women in two different safe houses in Moldova need our help right now. $400/month provides care to one rescued girl for one month.

These brave young women were rescued, and now are embarking upon the long and difficult journey to healing.  The aftercare programs provide round-the-clock care, protection, medical care, and counseling.

  1. Support four survivors of sex trafficking for 1 full year: $19,200
  2. Complete the Renovation of Group Counseling Room: $1,200
  3. Finish the Security Fence: $1,400
  4. General Ministry Support: $3,200

Another way you can help now: Purchase a necklace. has come alongside Hopechest to help BREAK THE CHAINS of sex trafficking and orphanhood in Eastern Europe.  They are selling beautiful, hand-made necklaces for Mother’s Day, where the proceeds will benefit girls in Moldova rescued from sex trafficking.

Each of these projects is urgent, and provides healing to young women who have been rescued. To support any of these projects, click the donate button below and put “Support Moldova” in the notes section of the give pages. Thank you for your support.

Please put "Support Moldova" at Notes field

Moldova Trafficking Stats

1. The majority of women and girls that are trafficked come from rural areas. Over 10 percent are under 18 years old, some as young as 12 years old. Traffickers recruit women and girls through different strategies.

2. Direct contact, when women and girls, or their families, are approached by traffickers. The traffickers are often women from the same village who have previously worked as prostitutes or have been trafficked abroad and became traffickers. The family is often paid money in advance and the woman or girl is expected to earn the advance and pay back the family's debts.

3. Advertisements are placed in the press, offering jobs abroad. The advertisements directed at young women offer jobs as waitresses or house help, but more often bluntly state that the jobs are for those willing to work in the sex industry.

4. Tourist agencies offer full migration services from arranging passports and Schengen visas to transportation and work contracts. There are more than 3,000 tourist agencies, of which only some 140 have an official license to operate.

5. Job agencies. Out of a total of 100 job agencies, only fourteen have official licenses and these mostly hire men for construction work. Only three agencies offer jobs to women as waitresses and nurses. Others offer illegal work. Some of these enterprises are run by organised crime groups and operate as covers for trafficking.

Projects That Bring Healing

HopeChest is launching ministry in Moldova with a $25,000 Stop the Secret fund to support one "safe home" for survivors of sex trafficking. This home is not clinics.

Like HopeChest's ministry in Russia and Africa, this partnering organization provides for the holistic and long-term needs of girls terrorized by systematic sexual abuse and slavery.

Beginning of Life is in it for the long haul.

HopeChest is raising funds to support Beginning of Life and provide the critical "after care" services needed to support these courageous young women.

Your gift will provide four young women with a safe place to live and round-the-clock care in their homes.

Click here to donate to the Stop the Secret launch fund, and support ministry in Moldova that brings restoration and healing to young woman who have survived the terrors of sex trafficking.

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