Children's HopeChest - Engaging, Connecting and Transforming The World's Orphans


POPULATION: 32.7 million
NUMBER OF ORPHANS: 2.7 million

The Challenge

The poverty in Uganda is overwhelming. Most Ugandans work two to three jobs and still lack food and water-most of their basic needs. 2.7 million children under the age of 18 are orphans, 1.2 million due to AIDS.

While tragic on a scale that’s hard to comprehend, that is not the most difficult fact about Uganda.

Widespread poverty combined with a huge population of orphaned children create a staggering reality: More often than not, utterly vulnerable children are left to fight for survival fall victim to abuse and exploitation.

But in the midst of this devastating reality, Children’s HopeChest sees a biblical mandate and a viable means to respond to the suffering of “the least of these.”

The HopeChest Solution

Children’s HopeChest provides places of refuge where orphaned and vulnerable children can have their basic needs met and receive consistent practical, spiritual and emotional support.

Our approach in Uganda is unique in that most of our ministry takes place at community CarePoints, a safe and welcoming place where children come to receive food and care. We establish our CarePoints in strategic areas with the highest population of orphans – many have up to 1,000 orphans living within a three-mile radius.

HopeChest CarePoints are managed by passionate, motivated, and organized local leaders and pastors who are equipped to meet children’s physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.

In addition, through the HopeChest Discipleship Program, local believers mentor, build relationships, and disciple children through weekly Bible studies and counseling. Every child hears about the God who loves and cares for them, and they feel that love extended through national believers.

HopeChest ministry in Uganda is growing as we make inroads. We currently serve children at nineteen CarePoints throughout the country. But there are still thousands of children that need support, so we invite you to play a part in this exciting ministry and make a real and lasting difference for those “waiting” children. Start today!

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Uganda Data

  • Number of Orphans: 2.7 million (UNICEF)
  • % orphaned due to AIDS: 44% (UNICEF)
  • 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS (CIA)
  • 64,000 deaths from HIV/AIDS in 2009 (CIA)
  • GDP per capita: $481 (World Bank)
  • Poverty ratio: 31.1% (World Bank 2006)
  • 25% of children enroll in secondary school (World Bank)
  • Life expectancy: 53 (World Bank)
  • 56% of children in Uganda will complete primary school (World Bank)
  • Only 4% of secondary school graduates will go on to higher education (World Bank)
  • 49.9% of Uganda's population is under the age of 15 (CIA)
  • 182,596 primary school-age children are not in school (World Bank)