A little about Moldova

Tucked between Romania and Ukraine sits the small country of Moldova. It is highly reliant on Russia for fuel. Many of its agricultural products are not accepted in Western markets due to a lack of adequate health and safety standards. Limited job opportunities has forced nearly one-third of Moldovan workers to seek work abroad. Those who remain in the country face very low wages, and an increasing cost of living.

This environment allows organized crime—particularly human trafficking—to flourish. Given the bleak employment situation, young girls are lured to phony job advertisements promising lucrative jobs abroad. Upon arrival, their passports are confiscated, and they are forced to pay their traffickers through prostitution. Estimates put the total number of people trafficked from Moldova at somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 since 1991.

Our Impact

Children’s HopeChest is partnering with Beginning of Life, a Moldova-based, multi-faceted ministry that provides youth education, training and empowerment services, trafficking prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration programs, and a network of community resources to help provide opportunity and a future to Moldova’s youth.

Children’s HopeChest is creating healthy healing communities for vulnerable individuals in Moldova through its Community-to-Community partnerships.

Local CarePoints and their communities are partnered with North American communities to work together to seek ways to increase empowerment and self-sustainability specific to their local circumstances.

Our partners deeply care about bringing healing to this nation. With our partners, there is a mutual sense of obligation to bring answers, protection, and empowerment to the weak and vulnerable of the nation of Moldova.