Ministry Centers

Our Ministry Centers in Russia collectively serve as a “home away from home” for older orphaned youth. These programs are designed to address spiritual, emotional, physical, and medical needs of vulnerable young adults transitioning from life in an orphanage to independent life.

Our goal is to fight for every orphaned and vulnerable child to know God, experience the blessing of a family, and to have the opportunity to develop independent living skills. Young adults that attend our Ministry Centers grew up in an orphanage setting, in Russia when you “graduate” from the orphanage you are suddenly on your own. Our Ministry Centers provide critical support for older youth. Our Russian Ministry centers provide a variety of resources, such as: young mothers programs, job-skill training, educational support, leadership training, career planning, financial planning courses, nutritional and personal hygiene classes, computer classes, as well as counseling and community support.

“I am very fortunate to have the Ministry Center and this program in my life. It’s a place  where  I  can  turn for  advice,  where  I  can  get  help  with  solving  any  type  of problem,  where  my  son  and  I  can  get  some  rest  and  have  some  fun, and where  I  can gain more knowledge and experience in child care.”

The Programs at our Russian Ministry Centers

The Ministry Center programs are truly life-changing, and offer vital resources to orphanage graduates. Young adults experience the love of God and are provided the resources they need to break the cycle of poverty and live successful, independent lives.

Communication Club & Life Skills Training
Encourages young adults to express their feelings in healthy ways. The program format includes various lectures, projects, field trips, videos, discussions, theatrical role play, and integrative games.

Leaders Program
This program allows the opportunity for orphaned graduates to volunteer at their former orphanages. The orphaned graduates share their own stories, challenges, professional, and personal goals with the younger kids.

Jobs for Life
The Ministry Center partners with Kirov Employment Agency specialists to conduct evaluations of program participants to determine their professional inclinations and job compatibilities during this four-month program.

Mentorship Program
Provides social and emotional support from mentors to mentees. Designed to involve mentees in Ministry Center activities and training lessons, build meaningful relationships between mentor and mentee, and provide leadership training skills for mentors.

Young Mothers Program
This program provides psychological, social, and financial aid to young single mothers in crisis situations. The young mothers acquire all necessary childcare skills, be aware of child health-related issues and

“I would like to express deep gratitude to everyone who has been helping us and our children. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for your thoughtfulness and care for the ones in need. The Ministry Center has become a second home for my son and I. This is a place where we come to talk, have tea and take part in different activities. We spend a lot of time here, as we love the atmosphere and the staff.”