Guatemala Animal Husbandry Initiative

Country: Guatemala

City/Town: Suchitepequez

CarePoint: Country-wide

People Impacted: 40 families

Total Cost: $44,744.54

Estimated time to complete: 12 Months

Area of Transformation

Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Project Description

This goal of this animal husbandry project is to design and implement family businesses for raising chickens that will empower and benefit 40 families in two communities, both economically and socially, by training and providing them with tools and skills, which will increase their self-sustainability and restore their dignity.

The objective of this project is to provide training over two six-month courses, for two sets of 20 mothers from two communities, utilizing the skills of a hired specialist, who will train them to properly raise chickens. This project will provide sustenance for their families and return the initial investment, multiplying this endeavor many times over.

Historical Background

HopeChest Guatemala was legally established in June 2012. In 2018, we launched a new CarePoint model for working at our locations, which are “Directly Implemented CarePoints” that are managed by local staff, working with, and employed by, HopeChest Guatemala. We focus on serving in communities where no other organizations are working, many of which have been overlooked by local government.

We have encountered various opportunities to help communities improve their financial situations and begin to take care of themselves. This brand-new initiative will help local families design a business plan to assure the return on the investment this project will have for the community.

Return on Investment Potential

The mothers will be integrated into a co-op of families, which can be a model that will be reproduced in other areas of the country. Those mothers who show themselves to have exemplary entrepreneurial skills can expand their project, creating related businesses from this initial startup to impact the entire economy of their region in a continuous way.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Investors in this project may have practical skills or experience, which they wish to invest and build on the foundations that are being laid.