Kakira Tailoring Project

Country: Uganda

City/Town: Kakira

CarePoint: Kakira

People Impacted: 70 women, 60 youth

Total Cost: $13,543.37

Estimated time to complete: 3 years

Area of Transformation

Economic Development

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to teach skills to youth and women to start tailoring activities which will help them earn money and support themselves and their families.

Historical Background

In Kakira many homes are headed by single mothers who are unable to provide for their families because of poverty. There are girls and boys who have dropped out of school because they feel they cannot continue with school. Some of them drop out because they are challenged in academics and they believe skills development is better for them. Over 67% of youth in the Kakira community do not have jobs. There are also mothers in these communities who require these kinds of skills to support their families.

There are youth and single mothers who are not able to write or read and need a way to earn income to improve their livelihoods. Tailoring is a skill offered in vocational schools especially for the children who have not been able to join secondary education or those who cannot afford higher education. This is sometimes done through mentorship or hands on training from a skilled worker.

Return on Investment Potential

Sixty youth and 70 single mothers will go through the tailoring course and learn tailoring skills that they can use to earn income. In the beginning, income secured from sales of tailored products will be given back to the project for about six months. After that initial six months, the profits will be shared among the tailors. The income from sales should be enough to sustain the project and the small fee that may be charged to the next participants in the tailoring training, creating a self-sustaining initiative. Participants in the program will finish with skills to earn income for themselves and their families.

Additional Impacts

This project will teach Kakira youth and women that they have a valuable skill to offer to the community. They will participate in this community-wide project and leave with skills and connections that have the potential to move them toward a self-sustaining and income-generating livelihood. Relationships with other participants, instructors, and HopeChest staff will strengthen them as well.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Individuals with specialized skills in tailoring could instruct participants in the program. Travelers could also visit to see the project in action.

Engagement Opportunities

Opportunity to visit or witness the project is possible.

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