Guatemala Wood-saving Stoves

Country: Guatemala

City/Town: Rural Areas throughout Guatemala

CarePoint: Various

People Impacted: 40 families

Total Cost: $13,457.65

Estimated time to complete: Two months

Area of Transformation

Health & Hygiene

Project Description

HopeChest Guatemala is launching this project, designed to provide 40 wood-saving stoves to directly benefit 40 families by cleaning their environment, thereby, improving each family’s health.

Historical Background

In many regions of the country, homes consist of only one room, in which one corner is assigned for the beds, another space for chairs and a table, and another corner section for the open fire. HopeChest Guatemala will identify the most vulnerable communities, which is where we are implementing the wood-saving stoves’ project among 40 families.

Return on Investment Potential

Less than $340 per family will cover the hard and soft costs of this project, which will yield both short and long-term positive benefits by improving the health and quality of life for Guatemalan families. The use of these single, wood-saving stoves will also positively impact their financial situation by reducing the family’s consumption of wood.

Additional Impacts

Researchers have found that there is a direct connection between open fire smoke and pneumonia, heart attack, or other heart problems causing death in Guatemala. This project will empower 40 families to cook in a more efficient, economical, and safer way.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Investors in this project may have professional skills/experience, which they wish to invest and build on the foundations that are being laid.