Whitney Scholtens
Partner Development Manager
Project Description

As Partner Development Manager, Whitney advocates on behalf of the marginalized and impoverished of this world by seeking partners who want to participate in the transformation of these communities into thriving entities who would otherwise be vulnerable to oppression. She is a part of offering both trainings and opportunities for engagement to businesses, churches and networks who seek to engage. Having attended Hope College for her undergrad in Social Work, and achieving her Masters in Social Work from Michigan State University, Whitney’s heart for advocacy is ever-growing. If she could take any famous person to brunch it would be Harriet Tubman, because even as a child Whitney was inspired by her awareness and action toward righting injustices. On an off day you might catch Whitney watching one of her favorite movies (Patch Adams, Good Will Hunting, or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) with her family. She has four boys – “two adopted, two biological – all nuts!”