Change their Story 2022

Give the gift of opportunity

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The year’s Change Their Story campaign is focused on providing opportunities for the youth and families in Ogoloi, Bukedea and Ongongoja to move toward their end goal of being self-sufficient.  The people in these communities are excited to work hard and are so thrilled with the progress they have made over the last few years and we want to empower them with even more opportunities to provide for themselves! Each of our communities has a long term development plan and these opportunities will help them move forward in reaching their goals of independence.  Please consider joining us in Changing the Stories of these communities with your generous tax-deductible donation towards the following projects!

Ogoloi Fruit orchard- $11,000 The community of Ogoloi will grow tangerines and other sweet citrus fruits and sell them to a local fruit factory on a large scale. This project will benefit 100 students, 60 parents and 40 other community members and fill a market need in their community.

Bukedea Poultry Project- $11,000 This project will boost income at a household level giving families the opportunity to provide for themselves. Vulnerable families in Bukedea will be given 10 chicks. Households will make money from selling organic manure, eggs and meat. It will also improve the health of children by providing them with nutritious eggs.

Ongongoja Apiary Beekeeping Project- $9,500 This money will be used to expand the Apiary income generating project that was started in 2022.  Funds will be used to purchase land, secure the apiary project with a fence and guard from thieves and wild animals.  Within this land they will also grow sunflowers and cassava to provide income for the community and nectar for the bees.

Education fund/Graduation startup- $5,500 As more of the children in our program get older and advance in their education, the cost of their schooling increases. When children in Uganda enter high school, they need to go to boarding school in order to get a quality education. These funds will provide better schooling opportunities to help students in Ongongoja succeed and reach their education and career goals. Due to COVID shutdowns, youth are behind in education. We want to empower them to continue to go to school and keep their dreams of success alive!

All funds donated through this webpage will be distributed among the projects listed above.