This year has connected people from around the globe in a historic season of unity.
As the body of Christ, we can impact the local and global community by seeking to help those who are in need.

RE-THINK how we can be innovative in our mission.
In 2020, Children’s HopeChest expanded the Friendship Model, which empowers children to choose their own sponsor. We invite you to invest in providing agency and choice to children around the world who often have many of life’s decisions made for them.


Your meaningful gift empowers children like Romeo.
Through the Friendship Model, in which children choose their sponsors,
Romeo was given a voice and choice. Last year, Romeo’s father passed away unexpectedly. He chose his HopeChest Friend because the family he saw in the picture had a dad.

RE-STORE dignity to those who are living without critical resources.
We invite you to invest in tangible transformation in the lives of those who are caught in the cycle of poverty.


Your meaningful gift will provide critical resources to help impoverished communities survive, thrive, and succeed.
When the coronavirus pandemic began spreading, families in the rural town of Mt. Elgone in Kenya experienced extreme despair when they were not able to feed their children. Through Mt. Elgone CarePoint, families facing hopelessness and hunger received life-saving nutritional support, emotional and spiritual encouragement, and business training to equip them for long-term transformation!

RE-INVEST in the things that matter,
creating opportunities for every human to explore their potential.
We are a community that is determined to break the cycle of poverty, so children grow up in environments that support their ability to survive, thrive, and succeed.

Your 2020 year end gift will support children who live in some of the world’s most impoverished communities with the resources they need to survive, thrive, and succeed.