Welcome to Invest in Hope. You’re not just sponsoring one child, or helping dig a well, but you are an integral part of solving the big-picture challenges that vulnerable children and their communities face. Invest in Hope is a vision that nurtures dreamers, that encourages leaders, that leverages opportunities to rewrite children’s stories, and that empowers communities to use the resources they have to escape the cycle of poverty. Sustainable transformation in developing countries around the world is possible, and it begins with investing in hope.

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Basic Health and Well-Being
Our CarePoints provide a safe environment and holistic care for vulnerable children. Currently we serve over 100 CarePoints. With your support, we can double that number.
Nutritional & Hygiene Support | Shelter Healthcare | Clothing
In communities where hope is in short supply, our vocational training gives young adults the confidence and skills they need to succeed.
On-Going Christian Discipleship | Education Vocational Training
Life & Vocational Skills
Disasters come in many forms, like drought, and disease. Your support makes it possible to respond quickly and effectively.
Disaster Response | Medical Care Immunizations
Disaster Relief and
Emergency Medical Care
Your investment helps maximize our current programs and empowers us to expand our reach into new countries and CarePoints.
Staffing Needs | Expanded Technology Strategic Growth
Essential Fuel for Growth
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