0 %
of the population have
emigrated from the country.
children do not
attend school regularly.
out of 100 Moldovans
have been trafficked.

We believe the next generation can experience hope through
transformational relationships.

In partnership with Beginning of Life, our Community-to-Community approach provides the following support to children in communities throughout Moldova:

Vocational Skills Training

There are a number of entrepreneurial initiatives, empowering vulnerable youth to overcome the pressures of poverty and develop vocational skills.

Mothers’ Support Programs

The Early Learning Center works with single mothers in critical situations to prevent child abandonment and empower them to understand their children.

Art Therapy and Psychological Support

Art therapy aims to help people find hope and strength in their weaknesses, cope with challenging life experiences and find their way to deal with them. During the counseling time, they produce art objects that may be sold.

About Moldova

Moldova is a small country tucked between Romania and Ukraine in Eastern Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Moldova returned to being an independent country. The transition has not been an easy one. Moldova’s citizens are facing extreme poverty and one of their largest challenges is the absence of available jobs. The effects of the lack of employment and low wages manifest in human trafficking, organized crime, a corruption-dominated society, and a generation of children unable to attend school.

The Power of Relationship

Read the stories of communities in Moldova experiencing transformation through Community-to-Community partnerships.

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