Sponsorship 2018

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We Couldn’t Do This Without You



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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your financial commitment to change the stories of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. You are making a tangible and lasting impact in the lives of children, their families and entire communities.

There were many factors involved in making the decision to increase the monthly sponsorship rate to $45/month. We would like to share some of these factors with you below.

Transparency is of the utmost importance to us, and overseeing an organization that is built on trust and integrity is core in developing and growing our relationship with you. As you will see, this financial adjustment will allow Children’s HopeChest to continue to provide the level of care and discipleship you have come to expect for your sponsored child.


Your Dollar Goes Far, We Want to Make It Go Further

Your monthly sponsorship does much more than simply provide nutritious meals and discipleship for a child living in poverty. What sets HopeChest apart from other sponsorship organizations is the holistic model of community transformation that not only affects the child you sponsor, but their entire community!

In addition to meeting your sponsored child’s critical needs, your monthly investment is also impacting your child through numerous initiatives that move their community closer to sustainability, which may include:

  spiritual discipleship

 educational support

 medical care, including support for medications

  income-generating activity trainings

  savings and loans trainings for parents/guardians

 family counseling for parents/guardians

  trainings on child protection and child rights

 WaSH trainings (water, sanitation, health)

  community events

 CarePoint and community leadership trainings


As you can see, your sponsorship dollars are making an incredible impact, not only for your sponsored child, but at the community level as well.


A Necessary Change

An increase to your sponsorship will allow us to expand your impact even further, and will support the programs that are already in place.  Our last adjustment to sponsorship levels was in 2014, and in the subsequent four years the average expenditure for each child under our care has risen steadily and dramatically. Coupled with an overall increased cost of living in the countries where we operate, it has become necessary to request this monthly adjustment.

In addition to meeting inflation costs, HopeChest has begun the process of implementing world-class impact reporting through a field-based reporting technology platform that significantly stretches your investment by improving and standardizing our measurement metrics as well as creating a highly efficient system that in the long-run is low-cost and scalable as we continue to grow. The ability to measure and report the impact of your invested dollar will be enhanced through this technology platform and will continue to distinguish HopeChest as a world-class organization that is changing the narrative of how we as Christians engage to fulfill James 1:27.

This will allow your dollars to be stretched further as we increase our ability to measure programs and approaches that are making significant impact.  It will allow us to have lower structural costs in reporting the impact of your investments through HopeChest. This increase in sponsorship will help us bring this critically important, best-in-class system to full fruition.


The Process of Moving to $45 Per Month  

The most efficient and least costly method to implement this change is to automatically move all current sponsors to this new amount. What this means is that during October your recurring contributions(whether you pay annually, quarterly, or monthly) will be adjusted to reflect the move to $45 per month per child. You will see the new amount reflected when your sponsorship next processes, on your regular monthly, quarterly, or annual processing date.  Because this will be a system-wide change implemented within our internal databases, there is no action that you need to take.

  • If you give by check, you simply need to adjust the amount you send each month.
  • If you pay by automatic bill pay, you’ll need to update the donation amount with your financial institution. We kindly request that you begin sending the new standard amount of $45.00 with your October contribution.

Importantly, we know that some sponsors are on fixed incomes themselves and for this reason, if you fall into this category and this increase in sponsorship were to cause a significant hardship, we request you email us about your situation or call us at (719) 487-7800. We value every sponsor and their commitment to their sponsored child and their desire to see relationships continue to grow.


We Value Your Relationship

We hope that you truly feel valued in your partnership with HopeChest and recognize that you are making a significant difference! We have strived to be as open and straightforward throughout this process as we possibly can. It is by God’s grace that, together, we are able to be a part of what He is doing in communities around the globe. And it is through our relationship with you that we literally are able to change the lives of vulnerable children. We look forward to many more years of partnering together!



Check out the section of our terms and conditions page that addresses sponsorship contributions. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have about this change—childrenshopechest@hopechest.org |  (719) 487-7800