Orphan Sunday 2018

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Defend the Fatherless



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Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday was created by the Christian Alliance for Orphans to unite churches and Christ-followers in caring for children who are without parental care and protection. We are called to “defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed” (Psalm 82:3).

Children’s HopeChest’s model focuses on empowering orphaned and vulnerable children. Will you join us this year in making a personal impact in the life of a child?


Our Goal

This Orphan Sunday, we want to ignite hope and dignity for 210 children who do not have sponsors. For $45 per month ($1.50 per day), you are doing more than providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. When you sponsor a child, you build a relationship that shows that child they are valuable, worth loving, and worth investing in. Your sponsorship is the starting point of a journey that equips vulnerable children, their families, and their communities to create sustainable transformation. When you sponsor a child with HopeChest, you are not just supporting one child — you are helping transform entire communities.


Richard’s Story

Richard is a young man who lives in Uganda. Shortly after being born, his parents divorced and left him with his uncle. His uncle was a compassionate man and worked as a primary school teacher. Life with his uncle was secure and Richard was cared for and loved.

He experienced this security until he was five, when his uncle passed away after battling complications with HIV. Richard began living with his aunt, who cared for him and four other children. The school administration could no longer support Richard’s education since his uncle, who worked at the school, was gone.  His aunt could also not meet the medical or educational needs of the children she was caring for, and Richard’s hope for his future was dashed.

Richard was patient and resilient, and he later became part of the Wera CarePoint community, where HopeChest – through sponsorship – was able to empower him by supporting his physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. He received educational support and after completing school decided to take a course in construction. He is a quick learner and recently completed his training. Richard now lives a happy and fulfilling life and expresses thanks for his sponsor.

Richard says, “To God be the glory! Because of Children’s HopeChest, I am now a builder.”


Sponsor a Child

We have identified the greatest need for sponsorship at five CarePoints. Select the CarePoint below to view the children who are ready for sponsors!

Sponsor a child at the Tullo Yehiwot CarePoint in Ethiopia.

In the town of Awassa, 72 children living near the Tullo Yehiwot CarePoint are in need of sponsors. Awassa is known for its large orphan population, and many of the children are from impoverished families who are engaged in small-scale farming, daily labor, and petty trade. The average daily income of those living in the community is less than one dollar. As a result of the poverty, families are unable to send their children to school, afford medical care, and provide nutritious food.


Sponsor a child at the Ngariam CarePoint in Uganda.

In Ngariam, 74 children living near the Ngariam CarePoint are in need of sponsors. Ngariam is an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp located in the Katakwi district of Uganda and serves the needs of single and double orphans near one village. Their lives are dominated by survival with little time to be children and focus on schooling because of a number of factors, a few of them being famine, cattle raiders and threats from the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army).


Sponsor a child at the Bheveni CarePoint in eSwatini.

At the Bheveni CarePoint, 48 children are in need of sponsors. Though eSwatini is a small country, it has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world. A local pastor took hold of a vision from the Lord to feed and care for the orphans in the area by establishing eight different CarePoints among the 10,000 people in his community. He went to the chief asking permission to carry out the vision and for eight plots of land to be designated for this purpose. The chief agreed to the vision and now Bheveni is one of the eight CarePoints that were created.


Sponsor a child at the Kirov #1 Orphanage in Russia.

Hundreds of thousands of children are orphaned in Russia due to high-risk home environments. Substance abuse and economic struggle continue to be critical problems throughout the country. Kirov #1 Orphanage is a refuge for children that have experienced loss, abandonment, neglect, abuse and family degeneration. The orphanage is unique because it is a home and school for children with special emotional and behavioral needs. Ten children at the Kirov #1 Orphanage are in need of sponsors.