What is Giving Tuesday?

“It’s a simple idea: whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor or stranger out, showing up for an issue or people we care about, or giving some of what we have to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts and everyone has something to give.”

Giving Tuesday is an international generosity movement celebrated every year in November! Everyone from individuals to large corporations can celebrate the movement by practicing radical generosity- the idea that others’ suffering is just as unacceptable as your own.

Children’s HopeChest is excited to be one of the many nonprofits celebrating this year! Our goal is to fundraise for our year-end campaign, which will go towards our mission of supporting and empowering individuals and communities all over the world. 2022 will be presenting its own set of challenges, and we need YOUR help to continue doing what we do!

We’ve also prepared something extra-special this year. Children’s HopeChest teamed up with Raise Coffee to sell awesome bags of Ethiopian Limu coffee in order to fundraise! For every bag sold, a portion of the proceeds go to Children’s HopeChest.

The coffee is called Limu, and the beans are grown in the southwestern region of Ethiopia, at altitudes of up to 6,500 feet above sea level. The coffee beans are then washed and shipped to Raise Coffee in the northwestern United States, where they are then roasted in small batches. Purchasing a bag will not only let you explore the taste of Limu coffee, it also supports the livelihood of the local coffee producers in Ethiopia.

But we don’t want to just tell you we’re making a difference- we want to show you just what a cup of coffee can help us do.

Alice and her eight brothers lost their mother at a young age. Because she was the only girl, Alice felt pressure to step up to fill a traditional woman’s role. She cooked, took care of the house, and gathered water. Even though Alice had her own dream of being a nurse, she dropped out of school in order to take care of her new responsibilities. However, things changed one day when Alice was approached by a local official, who told her that Children’s HopeChest was interviewing children for potential sponsorship opportunities, and to go see if she would be eligible. Alice ended up being sponsored, along with two of her siblings, and was able to go back to school! She resumed her schooling where she left off, and felt like hope had returned to her. And in 2021, Alice sat for her national exam and passed! Alice was then offered admission to a nursing institution in the Lira District in Northern Uganda, and will start in November 2021. She knows that she’ll be able to transform her family’s future with her accomplishment. 

Zala is an Ethiopian mother of four CarePoint children. She made her living by working for another family washing their clothes. However, the family found out that Zala had an illness, and they became afraid of her and fired her. Zala ended up spending her time on the streets begging for money, and her children stopped attending the CarePoint because they were helping her. The CarePoint coordinator paid them a home visit to check on the children, and Zala explained the situation to him. After seeing their predicament, the coordinator called an emergency staff meeting and devised a plan for how to help Zala with rental costs for a period of time. In the meantime, Zala joined the CarePoint’s Self-Help Savings Group for CarePoint guardians. She was able to receive funds to start her own business. Now, she makes and sells injera, a nutritious sourdough flatbread, and makes enough money to provide for her children. Her children are all back in school and performing well. “Thanks to the Lord, both mother and children are doing great now, with a bright future full of hope,” said the CarePoint staff.

Mateo is the second-youngest of his parents’ six children. He and his family sold coconuts at their store to support themselves. However, last year, his father began to abuse his mother. Mateo’s mother decided to leave her husband and begin living elsewhere. On the advice of the CarePoint staff, she got legal orders to restrict their contact. This led to a lot of legal conflict for the family, which affected the children a lot. Mateo and two of his siblings decided to stay with their mother, while the other three went with their father. It was a very difficult time for the children. CarePoint staff worried that Mateo would have difficulty passing the sixth grade due to the turmoil of his home life. But when his mother was able to send him back to school, Mateo returned to middle school with little problems. “In spite of the emotional problems regarding his parents’ relationship, he has proven to be strong in his decisions and noble in his attitudes,” staff said. Mateo is confident, is enthusiastic about his studies, and he encourages other children when they are discouraged. He always offers a helping hand to anyone who needs it. He was even allowed to join the photography team for having achieved high grades. “His presence is a benefit to all around him,” CarePoint staff members said. “We are sure that Mateo will be able to become who he wants to be with God’s help, and that this will allow him to change the cycles of violence to which he has been subjected.”

These are examples of the kinds of real, transformational change that is made possible through your contributions to Children’s HopeChest. And with your help, we will help to create many, many more stories like these in 2022 and beyond. We can be the bridge of hope between impoverished people and flourishing to their full potential.

This year, you can support Children’s HopeChest on Giving Tuesday by purchasing bags of this special roast as well as sharing with your social media network! (These bags of coffee make great Christmas presents!)

Coffee not your thing? You can make a donation directly to Children’s HopeChest’s year-end campaign here