Ethiopia Youth and Community Development Program

Equipped for Success

The Youth Development Program (YDP) helps highly vulnerable teens and young adults meet basic needs while equipping each one for success as an adult. While the YDP originally targeted only orphaned teens, the program has been expanded to reach other highly vulnerable youth who are living with a parent, friend, or other relative.

Our goal is to empower these men and women as they enter adulthood, helping them to succeed as a productive member of society instead of a life focused primarily on survival.

An Enriching Environment

The Youth Development Program in Ethiopia assists vulnerable teens with completing their education while learning life skills and receiving Christian discipleship. The YDP is strengthened by the support of our YDP Project Coordinator and Social Worker whose focus is to help participants reach the next stage of personal, educational, and spiritual development.  This program serves two different groups of youth:

Independent Living Participants: Orphaned and vulnerable youth live in two apartments receiving support and guidance from a Home Supervisor and our Social Worker.

Community-Based Participants: Vulnerable youth receive educational and nutritional support and monitoring by our Social Worker, while living in their own homes with relatives or guardians.

“I was losing all my hope thinking that I will not continue my education because my mother is the only one who makes money to feed all my siblings, and besides she is blind and getting old. I didn’t know what to do, but now I got all the necessary materials and a new uniform for my new school. I will continue my class and soon I will support my family specially my mother. Thank you very much for having me at YDP.”

— Eneyew

The Ethiopia Youth and Community Development Program is able to focus on helping these older youth survive, thrive, and succeed! Their futures have truly taken a new pathway.