Kenya, with its vibrant panoramas and 60 national parks, shares its borders with two other HopeChest partnered countries — Uganda and Ethiopia — and the Indian Ocean. The fertile landscapes of Kenya are the source of it’s two largest sources of revenue — agriculture and tourism. Seventy-five percent of Kenya’s population works in the agricultural sector, making it the backbone of Kenya’s economy.

Kenya faces a unique challenge in that nearly 40% of the population is under the age of 15. Many of these children have lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS, which affects 4.8% of adults. UNICEF estimates that 46% of the population live below the international poverty line, making it difficult for children to receive critical needs and attend school. Kenya also faces an influx of refugees from Somalia and South Sudan, and sheltered more than 300,000 Somalian refugees in 2017 alone.

Children’s HopeChest can awaken hope and, in collaboration with its local leaders, bring holistic transformation to the people of Kenya through Community-to-Community partnerships.  

North American communities  partner with Kenyan CarePoints and their communities of orphaned and vulnerable children. When these communities work together, they are able to accomplish specific goals that our indigenous staff and community leaders have identified as helping to alleviate poverty in their respective communities. In addition, partnerships help provide children with education, nutrition, and basic medical support, along with regular Christian discipleship and mentorship.