A little about Moldova

Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, is a small country tucked between Romania and Ukraine. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Moldova returned to being an independent country. The transition has not been an easy one. Moldova’s citizens are facing extreme poverty and one of their largest challenges is the absence of available jobs.

The effects of the lack of employment and low wages manifest in human trafficking, organized crime, a corruption-dominated society, and a generation of children unable to attend school. Faced with limited opportunities, many Moldovans are desperate to emigrate from Moldova to find a better life, and more than 25% of Moldova’s small population have already migrated from the country.

Women who face despairing circumstances are especially vulnerable to being trafficked because they are hopeful that they will find a more prosperous life elsewhere. Young girls and boys are promised a bright future and job opportunities across the border and once they agree to travel, their passports are confiscated and they are sold into slavery. Over 30,000 girls and women have disappeared from Moldova without a trace, many being killed in brothels around the world. Orphanage graduates are especially vulnerable because they leave the orphanage, often with no skills training for their future, and are often preyed upon by traffickers who treat orphanages like recruitment factories.

Our Impact

Children’s HopeChest partners with Beginning of Life (BOL), a Moldova-based ministry, to bring hope and resources to vulnerable children in Moldova.

BOL operates Urban Centers that are safe places where children and young adults can come to gain resources to lead independent, healthy lives. The wide variety of resources that are offered include vocational training, spiritual training and guidance, social programs, training educators on implementing a powerful character development curriculum used in the public schools, psycho-emotional-social programs for trafficked women (Chisinau location), and youth leadership programs.

HopeChest also provides funding to support two “safe homes” for survivors of sex trafficking. These homes address the holistic and long-term needs of the girls who were terrorized by systematic sexual abuse and slavery.

How You Can Be Involved in Moldova

There are currently seven church locations in impoverished areas that could become CarePoints in Moldova. At these CarePoints, our US partners would experience our traditional Community-to-Community CarePoint approach with sponsorship, capital projects, development plans and travel. For more information on how you or your church can be involved, contact us.

Beginning of Life deeply cares about bringing healing to this nation. As we partner with them, there is a mutual sense of obligation and a passion to empower locals to write their future history, transforming it into a nation of hope.