Urban Centers

Children’s HopeChest partners with Beginning of Life (BOL), a Moldova-based ministry, to bring hope and resources to vulnerable children in Moldova.

BOL operates Urban Centers that are safe places where children and young adults can come to gain resources to lead independent, healthy lives. The wide variety of resources that are offered include vocational training, spiritual training and guidance, social programs, training educators on implementing a powerful character development curriculum used in the public schools, psycho-emotional-social programs for trafficked women (Chişinau location), and youth leadership programs.

The Chişinau Urban Center is located in Moldova’s capital, where around 400 children receive services.

“Today Anna is that confident, independent girl, who didn’t only turn dreams into reality – studying to be a doctor, but also revealed her personality, clearly understanding what she wants and what she can do. No more room for doubt, fear and insecurity!”- Anna

Each volunteer and staff member of the Urban Centers advocate for every orphaned and vulnerable child, teen, and young adult to know God and to have the opportunity to develop independent living skills. The Urban Centers provide a physical space for Moldovan youth to attend programs and receive services. Each of our programs focuses on supporting young adults in building their skills and creating the safe relationships they need to thrive and succeed.

Programs at the Chişinau Urban Center

Metamorphosis is a multidimensional program that seeks deep and holistic restoration of young people who have suffered different forms of violence, exploitation or stigmatization. The program focuses strongly on breaking down the vicious cycle of poverty and injustice, building sustainability and integrating people back into society.


In conjunction with Metamorphosis, PAS is designed to enhance psycho-emotional, mental and social wellbeing of people struggling with pain, fears, depressions and other consequences of traumatic experiences. Through art-therapy, PAS seeks to help people find hope and strength in their weaknesses, cope with challenging life experiences and find their way to deal with them.

Unemployment is one of the most powerful ‘push factors’ leading people in Moldova into a trap of exploitation.  Aware of this, BOL launched a number of entrepreneurial initiatives, empowering vulnerable people to overcome the pressures of poverty, develop vocational skills and improve their quality of life.  

‘Place of Change’ is a multi-dimensional program involved in the lives of teenagers deprived of parental care and facing heavy physiological and emotional instability and who are at higher risk of exclusion, victimization or criminalization. Within this program, youth, from seven to 15 years old, have good role models, learn new life skills and improve their intellectual and social abilities while receiving the practical and material support they need.

‘Way to Success’ is a two-year training program designed to equip and empower young people, ages 16-21, to become self-sustainable and resistant to manipulation and risky behaviour.


‘Dream House’ is an intervention center for at-risk teenage girls who are coming out of vulnerable family situations within rural communities. Many girls in their mid-teens who have been left behind in villages due to labor migration or addiction, are deprived of education, love and proper supervision, and are in greater danger of exploitation by the sex industry, child pornography or heavy labor. Dream House provides behavior support education within a safe and healthy family mode environment.

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