What We Do

Children’s HopeChest equips vulnerable children, their families, and communities to empower them to become more self-sustaining and escape the cycle of poverty.

But we don’t do this alone.

Our work hinges on partnerships that come alongside the vision of indigenous leaders to develop and nurture a community.

What does community look like?

We connect Christian communities in the U.S. and Canada with communities of orphaned and vulnerable children overseas. Our unique Community-to-Community model leverages the power of relationships to see long-term transformation occur in the lives of children and their surrounding communities. Ultimately, these relationships and resources have the ability to release the potential of vulnerable children and their communities.

How does change occur?

Initially, this is accomplished through provision of basic health and well-being, emergency medical care and discipleship. Then, it progresses to the areas that develop life and vocational skills, and other essentials that fuel transformation. And it wouldn’t happen without dedicated individuals, families, and communities who provide financial resources and take the time to build deep relationships.

The HopeChest transformation model is rooted in the concept of Community-to-Community

We believe, and experience has shown, that holistic transformation in the world’s poorest communities occurs when one community partners with another.  A holistic approach to transformation addresses all aspects— the physical, emotional, social, educational, economic, and spiritual — of the children and everyone within a community. Through this proven model, we connect Christian communities in the U.S. and Canada with overseas communities that have orphaned and vulnerable children. HopeChest currently has partnerships in Russia, Swaziland/Eswatini, Ethiopia, Uganda, KenyaGuatemala, Moldova, and India.

Here is how it works:

Step 1

Our indigenous leaders in developing countries work with their community leaders to understand their situation, define their vision, identify specific existing resources, and begin to create a development plan.

Step 2

HopeChest invites church and community leaders in North America to go on Vision Trips to identify a partnership that will be a good fit for their communities and begin to build relationships. They also gain firsthand experience of the impact that Community-to-Community partnerships have.

Step 3

Launch Day! The North American community begins the process of introducing the opportunities of partnership with their overseas community and invites their community to start the relational process by sponsoring a child.

Step 4

The development plan begins to take shape, and the specific steps for partnership with the overseas communities start to be met by leveraging their local resources with the resources of the North American and local partner communities. Mission trips take place. Relationships deepen. Health and nutrition are stabilized. Schools are built. Vocational skill training occurs. Spiritual discipleship deepens and vulnerable children begin to move from survive to thrive to succeed.

The beginning of sustainable transformation

By partnering with a specific community overseas, the location that you support becomes a virtual extension of your own community, and members of your community are able to directly sponsor individual children, and be part of the holistic transformation of the entire community. When your entire community embraces the vision to support a community in a developing country, lasting change occurs — and the transformation process begins for both partners.

Partnership Highlight

HopeChest Partnership Leaders Dylan and Jen, have partnered with three CarePoints in Uganda. Their network of friends, business partners, and family have come together to make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda. “One of our biggest needs in life is connection and relationship. Our sponsors love the true connection they have with the community and kids in Uganda. We are working to make a difference in the entire community, not just in the life of a single child.” When Jen and Dylan started their partnership with HopeChest, they hoped that lives in Uganda would be impacted, but what they didn’t realize is the impact and transformation it would bring to their own community in Iowa.