“Vision Trip” is not another name for “Mission Trip.”

Vision Trips are the first step in our Community-to-Community partnerships. A Vision Trip allows community leaders to envision how their community can transform not only the lives of vulnerable children and their communities but also their community back home.

A Vision Trip with Children’s HopeChest is unlike any trip you’ll experience with another organization.

What is a Vision Trip?

A Vision Trip allows those who are considering a commitment to Children’s HopeChest the opportunity to see firsthand the difference our unique Community-to-Community model can make toward
sustainable development.

On a Vision Trip, participants visit several CarePoints to evaluate the potential for partnership with specific communities. At each location, they will visit with local leadership, learn about community assets, and the future vision of sustainability.

Additionally, participants engage and interact with the children in the community, visit their homes, and tour the community to better understand the challenges at hand.

Portrait of board member, Matt Day

Children’s Hopechest is the single greatest mission strategy that I have ever been a part of…But you can’t really experience it until you go on a Vision Trip.
Matt Day, Pastor

Upcoming Vision Trips

June 20 – 24
March 16 – 20
June 15 – 19
October 5-9

February 10 – 17
July 13 – 19
October 26 – November 1

March 9 – 15
October 5 – 11

February 24 – 29
June 6 – 11
November 16 – 21

March 1 – 7
September 21 – 27

February 17 – 23
July 20 -25
November 2 – 8

Join a Vision Trip!

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If you are interested in a Mission Trip, check out the trips our friends at Adventures in Missions offer.

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