“Vision Trip” is not another name for “Mission Trip.”

Vision Trips are the first step in our Community-to-Community partnerships. A Vision Trip allows community leaders to envision how their community can transform not only the lives of vulnerable children and their communities but also their community back home.

A Vision Trip with Children’s HopeChest is unlike any trip you’ll experience with another organization.

What is a Vision Trip?

A Vision Trip allows those who are considering a commitment to Children’s HopeChest the opportunity to see firsthand the difference our unique Community-to-Community model can make toward long-term development.

The purpose of a Vision Trip is two-fold.

Help a potential partner gain a deeper understanding of HopeChest’s unique Community-to-Community partnerships.

Build trust and relationship with CarePoint community leaders.

A Vision Trip can either be virtual or in-country.

Virtual Vision Trips

Virtual Vision Trip experiences are as close as you can get to traveling in-person—without the airports, of course! These trips are the perfect way to gather a group of passionate leaders and explore a Community-to-Community partnership.

Virtual Vision Trips are a five-hour immersive experience spread over two separate days.

On day one, participants will learn more about HopeChest’s work in the country, hear from country leadership, learn about several communities, and “visit” each available CarePoint. Day one is about three hours.

On day two, participants will be “live” at a prospective community for a virtual tour, where they will meet the children who would be impacted by partnership and speak with the local leadership. Day two is about two hours.

Cost: $700 per organization FREE for a limited time!
Limit 10 participants per organization.
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In-country Vision Trips

On an In-country Vision Trip, participants visit several CarePoints to evaluate the potential for partnership with specific communities. At each location, we will visit with local leadership, and learn about community assets and the future vision of long-term change. Most importantly, we will discuss the difference a partnership can make in transforming the community.

Additionally, participants engage and interact with the children in the community, visit their homes, and immerse in the community culture to better understand the opportunities and challenges at hand. (Read more about what to expect on a Vision Trip on our blog.)

Cost: Prices vary per country, time of travel, and number of participants.
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Portrait of board member, Matt Day

Children’s Hopechest is the single greatest mission strategy that I have ever been a part of…But you can’t really experience it until you go on a Vision Trip.
Matt Day, Pastor

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