A CarePoint is….

A CarePoint is a community, with a high population of vulnerable children, that you can partner with.

Here, children, their parents or guardians, and community members can come for our HopeChest programs as well as emotional and spiritual support. By partnering with a CarePoint, you’re not just helping one child out of poverty. You are building a two-way, transformative relationship with a community overseas.

A safe place where the community’s most vulnerable children can receive critical resources.

CarePoints can take on many shapes and sizes, and each one uniquely fits their local community.

CarePoints can look like:

A Church

Where children can attend HopeChest programming and receive discipleship and spiritual support

A Drop-in Center

Where children can stop by on their way to school and receive a nutritious meal

A School

Where children can unlock their potential in a classroom and be connected to adults who are rooting for their success

For example, the Ogoloi CarePoint in Uganda is using their local resources to end the cycle of poverty in their community.

Through the CarePoint, the community’s most vulnerable children receive nutritional, medical, educational, and spiritual support. The CarePoint also provides several income-generating activities, which produce revenue, inspire confidence in the participants, and help numerous youth and their caregivers to become more employable.






Waves of transformation are beginning with Ogoloi’s children, impacting their families, and eventually transforming their entire community.
This kind of transformation occurs in communities around the world thanks to CarePoints!

Community Transformation Starts with YOU.
Get your community involved in a CarePoint.