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Igniting Hope in the World

Partner with us to make a global impact for the Kingdom.

Not Your Typical Child Sponsorship

Though impactful, the traditional child sponsorship model does not address the child’s whole environment.
When the child grows up, they’re left in the same place they started - a broken community.

We Need a Different Approach

We're called to look beyond child sponsorship and work for the long-term sustainability of children and their communities.

Child-Focused Community Development

Child-Focused Community Development

A Voice and Choice
for the Child.

For children living in poverty, choices are limited. The Friendship Model puts the choice in the hands of the child, allowing him or her to choose YOU as their HopeChest Friend and reframing our traditional views of child sponsorship.

Community-to Community Relationships.

Through two-way, Community-to-Community relationships, communities around the world, called CarePoints, are partnered with North American communities to maximize impact, build long-term relationships, and create sustainable change.

Long-Term, Sustainable Impact.

We know we’ve succeeded when we’re no longer needed. Our asset-based approach utilizes local leaders and builds upon existing resources in communities to implement long- term sustainable change.

The Power of a CarePoint

A CarePoint is a community with a high population of vulnerable children that is partnered with a North American community, like churches, schools, businesses, and individuals.

Through your partnership, you’re not just helping one child out of poverty. You’re building a two-way, transformative relationship that impacts an entire community.


We begin by supporting critical needs in a community like physical, emotional, and spiritual support.


As your relationship with your CarePoint begins to grow, so does its empowerment as we focus on equipping children and communities for future success.


As your partnered CarePoint helps implement sustainable initiatives like income-generating activities or agricultural projects within the community, it helps individuals and their families move out of deep poverty.

Get Involved
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Involve Your Community

Transformation can’t happen without you. Get your church, school, business, or friend group involved with a CarePoint and start empowering a community to fight the cycle of poverty.

Empower a Child

Become a HopeChest Friend and develop a personal relationship with a child in the CarePoint you’re involved with. Your child sponsorship will help to transform entire communities.

Fund a Project

To understand and address the underlying problems that cause poverty, we view communities through 12 different lenses, which we’ve identified as the “Twelve Areas of Transformation.”


Give a gift where needed most, join the Alliance of Hope, promote food security, or make long-term plans for giving.

Read a few of our stories of transformation below.