Ignite hope in your church and around the world with a Gospel-centered partnership.

We believe holistic transformation in the world’s most vulnerable communities occurs when one community partners with another.

Holistic transformation is rooted in three things:

The Gospel

Everything we do is in response to the gospel and an opportunity for discipleship (James 1:27).


The currency of the Kingdom is relationship. Our model transforms both communities through the power of relationship and cross-cultural sharing of passions, gifts, and talents (1 Thess. 2:8).

Sustainable Development

Community transformation is achieved through strategic, locally-led, and asset-based, sustainable solutions to overcoming poverty.

By becoming a HopeChest Partner, your congregation becomes a catalyst to sustainability by:

North American man in Guatemala with two Guatemalan children

Coming alongside local leaders to develop a strategic development plan, based on assets already in the community.

Connecting with children and their families through prayer, letter writing, financial support, and partner visits. Your community will also stay up to date on progress and updates about your CarePoint through a Community Page specifically created for your CarePoint.

Maintaining relationships and supporting long-term transformation, based on the development plan, to see the community move from basic survival, to thriving, to succeeding and becoming self-sustaining.

Our two-way transformational approach not only transforms the community you support but your congregation as well!

Members of your congregation will experience:

  • Unification through shared experiences
  • Spiritual growth, leadership opportunities, calls to missions, and opportunities for members of your congregation to use their gifts and talents
  • Increased cultural awareness, empathy, and understanding as the global Church expands

Become a Catalyst for Community Change

Tell Us About Yourself.

Part of building a relationship is getting to know those involved. We’ll work closely with you to identify areas your community is passionate about so we can best partner you with an overseas community.

Visit a CarePoint.

There is power in an experience. We’ll take you on a Vision Trip to visit some CarePoints in the country you’re interested in partnering with. This gives you an opportunity to then choose the CarePoint that is the best match for you and your community, as well as experience firsthand the need for partnership and your potential impact.

Create a Development Plan.

No two CarePoints are alike. In partnership with local leaders at your CarePoint, we’ll create a development plan to help measure success. Using an asset-based approach, we’ll outline specific community goals, objectives and vision for that particular community. The development plan is based on our Survive, Thrive, Succeed model.

Start Building Relationships.


Our Community-to-Community model provides a rich opportunity for people in your church to get involved in holistic and transformative work. Members of your student body will be equipped and empowered to serve cross-culturally in a healthy way.



Your congregation can build relationships with your CarePoint by:

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Becoming a HopeChest Friend

Unlike traditional child sponsorship models, becoming a HopeChest Friend puts the choice in the hands of the child. Members of your community interested in sponsoring a child are selected by children at your CarePoint. HopeChest Friends financially support the programs children attend at your CarePoint and are able to write letters and even visit their Friends.
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Going on a Partner Visit

Share your spiritual gifts, talents, and love with your partner community by going on a partner visit. Different than a mission trip, these trips are designed to help your congregation build life-long relationships with communities.
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Funding a Project

As needs are identified in the community you partner with, you’ll have the opportunity to help fund projects that meet specific needs. Your financial support helps strengthen your CarePoint and invests in a sustainable future.

Radical Transformation

HopeChest has been a tool in the hands of the Lord to radically transform the people who make up The River. With their help, we have become a global-minded people who spend our lives for others. In partnering with two different villages in two different countries, not only are we having Kingdom impact across the globe, our local impact has increased as more folks see the value of ministry beyond themselves.

- Rob Link
Lead Pastor, The River and HopeChest partner in Uganda and Guatemala

Tell Us About Your Community

Ready to take the next step and get your community involved with a CarePoint? Provide your information below and a member of our team will reach out directly. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and start a discussion about attending a Vision Trip.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Children’s HopeChest!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Children’s HopeChest! Donate this Christmas season to empower impoverished children all over the world and help them flourish!