Transform Your Organizational Culture Through a Global Partnership

What is a Greater Calling?

Employees who find meaning and significance from their work are more than three times as likely to stay with their organizations (New York Times). Organizational culture and purpose matter.

We believe the corporate setting has a Greater Calling, an invitation to utilize the gifts and resources of individuals to make a substantial change in the world.

“Our company has always been about more than the bottom line. Our partnership with HopeChest has created an incredible opportunity for our team to impact and improve the lives of kids and communities around the world, while fostering an environment that helps our staff be a part of something bigger than themselves.”


Attract and Maintain an
Engaged Workforce

By partnering with HopeChest, your employees will gain greater purpose, meaning, and fulfillment through a relationship with another community overseas.

Your partnership allows employees to engage in a meaningful experience and serve a vulnerable community financially and through relationships. As your employees rally toward a common goal, a unique and meaningful sense of community begins to emerge.

Partnership also creates a sense of belonging and global-mindedness in your company that will help attract and retain employees.

Doing Good Things vs Transformational Impact

When your organization partners with HopeChest, you’re not just “doing good” but engaging employees in a meaningful way. Through relationships, you’ll begin to see your organizational culture and communities around the world transformed.

Becoming a HopeChest partner encourages
employee engagement by:

Providing opportunities for employees to use their time and talents to serve others

Incentivizing community involvement as an employee benefit

Driving employees toward a greater calling and purpose beyond their everyday work

Experiencing a greater global mindset and knowledge of other cultures

Making a long-term, sustainable difference in the lives of vulnerable children and communities

“Children’s HopeChest has a unique model that reaches some of the most vulnerable children around the world. Through nutrition and other programs, they lift up communities and help them become self-sustaining. HopeChest helped us live our purpose to nourish families so they can flourish and thrive.”


Ending the Cycle of Poverty Through Partnerships

We believe holistic transformation in the world’s most vulnerable communities occurs when one community partners with another.

Your organization can partner with HopeChest in several different ways:


Our traditional approach pairs your organization with a CarePoint (community) in a country we are partnered with. Employees financially support a child in the CarePoint as a HopeChest Friend and build relationships through letter writing and partner visits.


Our community transformation model utilizes an asset-based approach to community development. We identify needs in a community and create a development plan unique to that community. Find an area your organization is passionate about and help fund a program in a community.


Our model empowers local leaders’ visions for growth in their countries. Your investment monumentally impacts HopeChest’s ability to empower local leadership to invest back into their communities through country-wide projects.

Begin a Global Partnership with Your Business

Provide your information below and a member of our team will reach out directly. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss next steps.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused vast food shortages and limited access to adequate nutrition in vulnerable communities around the world. Help Children’s HopeChest move quickly to provide support.