Personal Global Impact

You’ll see a child gain hope and provide an opportunity for that child to exercise their God-given gifts and talents.

Giving Children a Voice and a Choice

A child will choose YOU as their sponsor. For impoverished children, decisions are made for them. You can empower children to make choices for their future.

Community-Centered Child Development

When you sponsor a child with HopeChest, you are not just supporting one child — you are transforming entire communities.

A Unique Approach to Child Sponsorship

A HopeChest Friend is a caring person who commits to financially supporting the CarePoint and building a relationship with a child at that CarePoint. You offer encouragement through prayer, letter writing, and relationship.

Being a HopeChest Friend and supporting a vulnerable child is one of the most personal ways that you can make an impact on global poverty. 

Your relationship gives the child hope and provides an opportunity for that child to exercise their God-given gifts and talents.

Your $45 monthly support provides:

  • Direct assistance for emotional, environmental, educational, and medical needs
  • Letter writing between child and HopeChest Friend. This includes delivery and translation when necessary
  • Discipleship classes providing opportunities for a believer to share Christ through word and deed

Become a HopeChest Friend

Pick a Friendship Model CarePoint to Join

We have centers in 4 countries. Learn more about each of the countries unique needs and cultures below.

Sign Up To Be A HopeChest Friend

Sign up and send in your photo. Our CarePoint teams will prepare a time for a child to choose you! We’ll keep you updated.

Enjoy the Anticipation

Soon, a child will choose you to be their HopeChest friend. Children in poverty choose their sponsors for so many reasons. Hear from a chosen family in the video below.

Build a long-term, meaningful friendship

Through letters, prayers, and support, you can see the child be lifted out of poverty by supporting the whole community.

Learn more about each of these four communities.

Are you a community member in an existing partner community? Find your community’s CarePoint.

“God has answered my prayers today!”
A HopeChest Friend Story

At the Mt. Elgone CarePoint launch in rural Kenya, one of the CarePoint staff noticed an excited and emotional 11-year-old girl named Altipute, clutching the profile photo card of her chosen Friend.

Altipute shared, “Since I was born, I’ve never had a dad. He has made many very bad choices and he is not in my life. I don’t have a father-figure in my life that I trust. I chose this man right here,” pointing to the picture of her new Friend. “I chose him to be my HopeChest Friend because he is a man who I want to speak into my life, as a dad might. I’m so very happy because this is an answer to prayer. I have been asking God for a long time to have a father-figure I can look up to, someone that would pray for me, someone I can trust and who cares about me. God has answered my prayers today!”

Altipute’s story demonstrates the power of the Friendship Model, an innovative approach that we hope to lead in the ministry world, so more children can experience a voice and choice within child sponsorship.