Have a heart for vulnerable children? See how you can get involved with the ministry of Children's HopeChest.

Involve Your Community

We believe the most transformational, holistic, sustainable, and long-term
change occurs when one community partners with another.


Transform your church’s global missions strategy and fulfill the great commission by building relationships and strengthening the global Church through a partnership with a CarePoint.


Elevate the culture of your business with a global-minded partnership. Increase employee engagement and workplace culture by pursuing your organization’s greater calling.

Individuals and Groups

Engage your friend group, small group ministry, or club with a greater mission by partnering with a CarePoint.

By becoming a HopeChest Partner, your community becomes a catalyst to sustainability by:

North American man in Guatemala with two Guatemalan children

Coming alongside local leaders to develop a strategic development plan, based on assets already in the community.

Connecting with children and their families through prayer, letter writing, financial support, and partner visits. Your community will also stay up to date on progress and updates about your CarePoint through a Community Page specifically created for your CarePoint.

Maintaining relationships and supporting long-term transformation, based on the development plan, to see the community move from basic survival, to thriving, to succeeding and becoming self-sustaining.

Empower a Child

Invest in the future of a child through sponsorship. Find a child in a CarePoint you’re already involved with, or find an open CarePoint and start building a relationship.


Turn your passion into action. Make a one-time donation that will empower vulnerable children and their communities, give monthly by joining the Alliance of Hope, or fund a project.

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