Transforming Communities Through Relationships

We believe the most transformational, holistic, sustainable, and long-term change occurs when one community partners with another.

We partner North American communities to overseas communities with high populations of vulnerable children, called CarePoints. The partnership between each community is more than just a transaction — it’s transformational.

These relationships drive transformation all around the globe.

Long-term, sustainable,
Community-to-Community partnerships

Most sponsorship organizations focus on one-to-one child sponsorship, but Children’s HopeChest focuses on integrating those sponsorship and donor commitments into transforming the communities in which those children live.

By impacting all of the aspects of a community that are contributing to the cycle of poverty, HopeChest – alongside local leaders – create an environment where a child has the resources they need to thrive and succeed even after “graduating” from the sponsorship program.


ENATA’S STORY: Merkato CarePoint is located in the center of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. Merkato is the largest market in Addis with a highly dense and impoverished population. The average daily income is less than half a dollar; consequently, many children are forced to work or live on the streets at an early age. Many children in this area live with relatives or a guardian, and suffer from malnutrition due to the low economic status of their caregivers.

This market is where Enata lives, a bright eight-year-old girl who lives with her parents and new baby sibling. At the Merkato CarePoint, she receives nutritional, medical, educational, and spiritual support which alleviates some of her parents’ overwhelming stress. Not only that, but through the CarePoint, her father, Daniel, applied for a small business loan to develop his business as a cobbler.

Daniel now has seven people working for him, many of whom are fathers with children at the Merkato CarePoint. These employed fathers are now working toward providing for their families. Daniel’s business is going well, and he is hoping to expand the line of shoes he is making, employ 20 workers, and even sell his shoes overseas someday. Along with the CarePoint, Enata’s father is contributing to the transformation of their community so Enata can grow up in an environment that supports her ability to thrive and succeed!

Through Community-to-Community partnerships,
communities are transformed by:

Empowering local leaders

Supporting partnering communities

Addressing the complex causes of poverty

Transforming the lives of children and their communities

Transforming the lives of partnering community members

Success Means We’re No Longer Needed

This is our mission. Sustainable transformation doesn’t happen overnight and can take decades to achieve. But the life-changing impact affects generations to come.

When we identify a new CarePoint, we work closely with local leaders to develop a plan for success that is tailored toward leveraging that community’s unique assets. The more aspects of a community that are impacted, the closer to sustainability it will become.

Transformation does not occur by only addressing symptoms.

Our approach addresses the root issues in a community with viable solutions. In partnership with community leaders, we begin to work toward true transformation by empowering individuals to change the trajectory of their own lives.


Supporting Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual needs

Child Sponsorship

Clean Water



Basic Medical Care


Equipping Vulnerable Children and Communities for Future Success

Educational Support

Emergency and Preventative Medical Solutions

Leadership Skills

Vocational Training


Opportunity Through Long-Term Sustainability

Income Generating Activities

Agriculture Projects


Transformation starts with you. Learn how you can get your community involved.