We Believe the Way to Transform Lives and Communities is Through Relationship

We believe that the most transformational, holistic, sustainable, and long-term change occurs when one community partners with another. We partner communities in North America with overseas communities that have a high population of vulnerable children. The overseas communities, or CarePoints, become an extension of the North American community. These relationships drive transformation all around the globe.


We engage in long-term, Community-to-Community partnerships that:

Empower local leaders

Support partnering communities

Address the complex causes of poverty

Transform the lives of children and their communities

Transform the lives of partnering community members

Why Community-to-Community?

The simple answer is because God created us for community–and it works! We are not built to go through life alone. Community means we watch out for each other, we care about, love, and provide for each other. Community is a two-way street.

The same is true for our Community-to-Community model, and here is why it works: 


Our model is relational and hands-on.

Two communities share a common vision for equipping vulnerable children, their families, and entire communities.


Our model is strategic and sustainable.

Focusing on asset-based community development, we work alongside local leaders who understand the resources that the communities already have that can release their full potential.  We know we’ve succeeded when we’re no longer needed.


Our model creates two-way transformation.

Because our approach is built on relationships, the partnering communities in North America are also transformed.

How We Are Different from Other Leading Child Sponsorship Organizations

Most sponsorship organizations focus on one-to-one child sponsorship, but Children’s HopeChest focuses on integrating those sponsorship and donor commitments into transforming the communities in which those children live.

Our model is successful because of people like YOU:

We partner with people who are passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing hope and dignity to orphaned and vulnerable children. We provide all the tools you need to empower your community- whether it be your workplace, your friend group, or your church – to be engaged in long-term holistic care for vulnerable children, as well as their families and their entire communities.


Lead Pastor, The River Church

“…partnering with Children’s HopeChest gave us the ability to reach an impact far beyond our means.” 

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HopeChest Partnership Leader

Our sponsors love the true connection they have with the community and kids…


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…HopeChest helped us live our purpose to nourish families so they can nourish and thrive.

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School Principal

The University School

“we were blown away by their vision, which went hand-in-hand with what we wanted for our students”

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