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of all infant and child deaths
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engaged in child labor.
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We believe the next generation can experience hope through transformational relationships.

Our Community-to-Community approach provides the following support to children in communities throughout Ethiopia:

Critical Resources for Survival

Children at HopeChest CarePoints receive supplemental nutritional support. They also are provided basic medical care and occasional health screenings.

Educational Support

HopeChest CarePoints provide support toward school fees, uniforms, and materials and also offers tutoring help for homework.

Vocational Skills Training

Youth, their caregivers, and community members have the opportunity to get involved in vocational skills training, which boosts confidence, employability, and opportunity for moving toward independence.

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About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, and one of the oldest in the world. Located in eastern Africa, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and is home to the lowest place on the African continent, the Danakil Depression. Despite this rich and vibrant history, Ethiopia is home to one of the highest populations of orphans in the world. Warm and hospitable, the Ethiopian people hold onto hope for a better tomorrow for their children.

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