Wera Graduation and Start-up Tools Fundraiser

Wera Graduation 2023
Wera Graduation 2023 Vicky

Youth unemployment in Uganda is very high and the case is worse in rural communities such as Wera where opportunities for education and skill are very low. In cases where youth succeed in completing their education cycle and /or get equipped with vocational skills, many still fail to get opportunities to be employed. Over the years, Wera CarePoint has supported both formal education and vocational skill for youth, youth who finish their skill courses fail to get into employment because they lack resources to invest into purchase of start-up tools to set to practice their different trades.

The project aims at providing start-up tools to the youth who have completed their skills courses and to graduate them officially from the sponsorship program. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration to support this project and make this possible for young adults in the Wera community!