million children are
of the population
is under the age of 15.
10 %
million people live
with HIV/AIDS.

We believe the next generation can experience hope through
transformational relationships.

Our Community-to-Community approach provides the following support to children in communities throughout Kenya.

Nutritional Support

Children at HopeChest CarePoints receive nutritional support through frequent healthy meals.

Basic Medical Care

Children are provided basic medical care and occasional health screenings.

Critical Resources for Survival

Children have increased access to critical resources for survival, such as clean water.

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About Kenya

Kenya, with its vibrant panoramas and 60 national parks, shares its borders with two other HopeChest partnered countries — Uganda and Ethiopia — and the Indian Ocean. The fertile landscapes of Kenya are the source of it’s two largest sources of revenue — agriculture and tourism. Many of Kenya’s children have lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS, which affects 4.8% of adults. UNICEF estimates that 46% of the population live below the international poverty line, making it difficult for children to receive critical needs and attend school.

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You can experience the transformative impact of partnership on a community firsthand
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