Tailored and Replicable

Our model is both tailored and replicable. “Tailored” means that each location, approach, action and communication is specifically designed for the needs and conditions of the children and communities in a particular CarePoint. We know from our experience and our research that in order to create long-term, meaningful change, we have to take into account the location, culture, history, and language of the communities we seek to serve. Just as no two people are identical, no two CarePoints are identical. What might best serve a CarePoint in Swaziland/Eswatini will be different from what might best serve a CarePoint in Guatemala.

While our approach is tailored, it is also efficient. To make the best use of available time, human resources, and funds, we have created a model that can be applied to any CarePoint. This means that when we establish a new CarePoint, we are not starting from scratch. The process is replicable, but the results will be as different as the CarePoints they serve.