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Simret Mengesha, founder of Trees of Glory, opened the drop-in center in 2010. Located 67 kilometers from Addis Ababa in Duber, Ethiopia, Trees of Glory is on approximately 27 acres and has 13 buildings. The property was previously used by a Japanese construction company who abandoned the location several years ago. Simret, a former government employee, appealed to the local government who gave her the property to use as a drop-in center.

Many of the children are true orphans and both parents are no longer living. A majority of people living in this area are on subsistence income and live below the poverty line, having nothing for basic survival. They cannot afford the basic elements for life including accessing basic social services like health, education and housing. In addition, the communities are suffering from lack of adequate food and nutrition, proper water supply and sanitation, resulting in frequent illness among children. Simret hopes to meet many of the needs for these children with the help of HopeChest sponsorship.

Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Dirty water causes disease and almost 6,000 children die everyday due to unclean water.  Clean water is the most important need currently at Trees of Glory. The Japanese construction company drilled a well, but they destroyed it when they vacated the property. Unfortunately, the well can not be repaired.

Clean water is a foundational element for a better life. Water from this well will provide safe drinking water, water to cook with, and water to take showers and wash clothes. It will also irrigate the crops to help financially sustain the CarePoint. The cost of drilling wells in Ethiopia is expensive, but your donation will help give the children at Trees of Glory a much cleaner, healthier life.