Build meaningful and lasting relationships with your CarePoint.

More than a mission trip

One of the most exciting aspects of a HopeChest partnership is the opportunity to visit your CarePoint community! HopeChest does not host traditional mission trips. Rather, “partner visits” focus on traveling to your CarePoint community with the goal of building meaningful and lasting relationships.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your HopeChest Friend, observe the impact of CarePoint programming, encourage in-country staff, build lasting friendships, and be immersed in another culture. We encourage our partners to travel once a year to visit their partnered CarePoint.

Relationships are the currency of the Kingdom

While you are on a partner visit, you will be guided to “be” instead of “do.” In regards to travel, this means relationship-building is at the core of each visit and activity.

A partner visit can either be virtual or in-country.

Virtual Partner Visits

During your virtual partner visit, you can expect a unique two-to-three hour experience. 

You will see a new video about your CarePoint; learn important updates from the CarePoint community; hear live testimonies from children, guardians, and income-generating activity participants; and have a live Q&A with CarePoint leaders.

In-Country Partner Visits

When you visit your partnered CarePoint in-person, you have the opportunity to be immersed in the culture of your friends overseas. You will spend time eating delicious local foods, participating in fun cultural activities, building meaningful friendships with the children and families in the community, and meeting with and encouraging the CarePoint leaders who tirelessly serve the community you are partnered with.