Children's HopeChest - Engaging, Connecting and Transforming The World's Orphans


Mobilizing Passionate Individuals

At HopeChest, we advocate a “community to community” partnership model. While many great organizations exist to provide individual sponsorship opportunities, we believe that holistic, sustainable change in the poorest communities occurs when one community partners with another.

Due to the power of online social networks, we have launched Connect Communities that allow passionate people to come together as an online community to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children around the world. When you join a Connect Community, you are joining a group of like-minded people who are devoted to orphan care in the same region of the world as you.

How Connect Communities Work

You can impact the life of an orphan easier than you think. Become a member of an online “Connect Community” by simply sponsoring a child in the country of your choosing through the link below. By joining a Connect Community, you become a part of an online social network that shares information, encourages, and mobilizes to respond to the urgent needs of the orphanage or CarePoint you support. You will receive blog updates, prayer requests, photos, and videos of your supported location. Additionally, you will have access to the development plan and other resources that will keep you informed on how HopeChest is implementing its vision and strategy at the location your Connect Community supports.

Through our Connect Travel Trips, you will have the opportunity to travel with members of your Connect Community to your support location where you will experience first-hand the impact your financial support has on the lives of the children and participate directly in on-site work projects. Trips take place annually or bi-annually and are coordinated by HopeChest.

What does sponsorship do?

Your financial commitment of $38/month provides for the most basic needs of children in the community. HopeChest will assist in providing food, water, access to basic medical care, education and discipleship. While $38 cannot meet all the needs of a child suffering through extreme poverty, it does provide significant help.

In our community-to-community model, all funds are "pooled" together so that if one child does not have a sponsor, they will still have these needs met. Your contribution of $38 a month will go towards providing food, clothing, and access to medical care, as well education and discipleship.

Build Up Your CarePoint-With Us!

We will work with you and your connect community to help in raising funds for larger capital campaigns such as a well, a kitchen, storage facility, school building, and even livestock and gardening equipment.