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Pushing Back Against Child Marriage

Child marriage, marriage that takes place before the age of 18, creates vast vulnerabilities in young girls all over the world. However, sub-Saharan African countries have some of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. In low-income countries, families often feel that marrying off their daughters is the only way to ensure their …

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Three Success Stories From The Cuyotenango CarePoint

The Cuyotenango CarePoint is one of HopeChest’s Guatemalan CarePoints, located in the southwest region of the country. Families in Cuyotenango often struggle to acquire income and adequate nutrition- the chronic malnutrition rate in the region is 33%. However, due to HopeChest’s efforts to implement a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) and a chicken coop …

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Finding Purpose Through Loss

Have you ever defined your life by what you have lost? Have you defined it as, “before the loss,” and “after the loss?” Today many of us may define our lives as “before COVID-19,” and “after COVID-19.

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What Is It Like Interning with Children’s HopeChest?

We deeply appreciate our interns and the time they devote to using their talents and skills to further HopeChest’s mission of breaking the cycle of poverty around the world. So, what is it like interning for Children’s HopeChest?! Hear it straight from Audrey in this week’s post.

Receiving Sponsorship Support as a Child Empowered Me to Empower Others

In today’s blog, Atkelt shares his personal story of receiving support as a child to working at Children’s HopeChest, where he now impacts thousands of children through his work. He reflects on the close friends who came alongside him when he was young and wrote him encouraging letters and supported him in his studies. Atkelt’s story is a powerful testimony of relationships that make an impact.

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A Liturgy for Friendship

Continuing to connect others, Chris (HopeChest Sponsorship Systems Senior Manager) drew from his theology background to create, “A Liturgy for Friendship.” We hope you share this liturgy with others and experience the joy of connection and friendship during a time when many are feeling distant or divided.