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A man wearing medical scrubs holds a child in Eswatini

The One: A reflection on Christ’s love for each of us

The homemade PVC-framed curtains are up. The pharmacy is readily staffed. We are flush with physical therapists wielding braces and canes. We have enough fluoride varnish for a small army. And now the community of Ekudzeni begins to arrive at the CarePoint. Months of preparation and two days of travel have culminated to this moment …

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When Mothers Connect, Differences Melt Away

We all have emotions and parts of us that are stirred when we see the faces of underprivileged children from majority world countries. Actually laying eyes on something or someone tends to make it more real. These children’s faces are often dirty or streaked with tears, clothes tattered and worn. They’re usually barefoot. This all …

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How Do You Feel About Change?

Prior to this trip we were told we’d be doing “something different.” We wouldn’t be making “Home Visits” but instead, we’d have something called “Community Time” with parents and guardians of the children at Tullo CarePoint. This was something new and totally foreign to us. To say we were disappointed is an understatement.  Reasons had been explained, however, and we were all somewhat willing to “try something new.”

The coronavirus pandemic has caused vast food shortages and limited access to adequate nutrition in vulnerable communities around the world. Help Children’s HopeChest move quickly to provide support.

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