Annet, a Selfless Single-Mother of 6 Is a Blessing to Nabukalu CarePoint

In preparation of celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, we’d like to share the story of Annet, a selfless, single-mother of six. ⁠

Learn how Annet fed children at Nabukalu CarePoint for a month with her own resources, how her daughter’s mysterious illness led her to embrace God, how she has succeeded in her work in agriculture, and how she is a valuable resource to the Nabukalu community!⁠

Rachel stands with three Uganda CarePoint Project Coordinators

A Day in the Life of 3 Uganda CarePoint Project Coordinators | Part One

Combined, Ezra, Stella, and Philip have 15 years of experience leading communities in Uganda. In this month’s podcast episode, these remarkable CarePoint Project Coordinators share what their daily work is like at the CarePoint; the encouragement that keeps them going when they face opposition and difficulties; and how they are seeing their communities change before their eyes.