The Importance of Mental Health in Community Transformation

This article was written in collaboration with Tom Jennings. _ We all want to be healthy – in mind, soul, and body. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as, “a state of well-being in which the individual is aware of their own abilities, can cope with normal stresses of life, can work productively …

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photo of Christine with word "re-store" in front of her photo

Restoring Hope For a Mother After an LRA Attack

How do you find hope again after the sudden death of your spouse? This is a question that many people in the Teso region of Uganda faced after attacks from the Lord’s Resistance Army in the early 2000s. Today, we are highlighting the remarkable story of Christine*, a mother who experienced deep loss in her family and community.

The Emotional Impact of Agricultural Programs in Uganda

Today we are illustrating the emotional impact of agricultural programs through three stories in Uganda. The nutritional impact is often the main purpose of agricultural initiatives, but the emotional impact is also monumental and helps to move people closer to self-sustainability!

Annet, a Selfless Single-Mother of 6 Is a Blessing to Nabukalu CarePoint

In preparation of celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, we’d like to share the story of Annet, a selfless, single-mother of six. ⁠

Learn how Annet fed children at Nabukalu CarePoint for a month with her own resources, how her daughter’s mysterious illness led her to embrace God, how she has succeeded in her work in agriculture, and how she is a valuable resource to the Nabukalu community!⁠

“This Program is the Future of Uganda”

Stories of three Ugandans who were struggling to find hope, but after attending the Uganda Leadership Development Program are now leading their communities with strength, grit, and compassion.