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Three Ways to Celebrate World Letter Writing Day!

Perhaps it feels so special to receive a letter because sending intentional mail hits each of the five love languages. Someone spends quality time writing words of affirmation on something physical that you can touch and open like a gift.  
And how much more exciting is receiving a letter when it is from a friend overseas?!

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How Do You Feel About Change?

Prior to this trip we were told we’d be doing “something different.” We wouldn’t be making “Home Visits” but instead, we’d have something called “Community Time” with parents and guardians of the children at Tullo CarePoint. This was something new and totally foreign to us. To say we were disappointed is an understatement.  Reasons had been explained, however, and we were all somewhat willing to “try something new.”

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When We Don’t See Tangible Results

There are many days when we do not see any tangible results from serving God and carrying out the work we sense God is leading us to do.  We try to rest in the fact that God is at work even though we as humans seem to long for quantifiable markers to affirm the work of our hands.

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Celebrating Water Projects this World Water Day!

Clean, running water is such a commonplace aspect of most of our lives in North America, that the convenience of such a critical need can easily be taken for granted. However, if you are one of the 844 million people around the globe who do not have access to safe water, gaining clean water is cause for celebration.

This Thursday is World Water Day, and we are highlighting some of the incredible water projects at our CarePoints around the globe!

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HopeChest Partners with “One of the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado”

Did you know that HopeChest also partners with businesses?! “The most successful companies give employees a sense of belonging,” says Sue Shellenbarger in the Wall Street Journal Article, “Why Perks No Longer Cut it for Workers.”

This is why Children’s HopeChest is partnering with businesses that are about more than the bottom line. At HopeChest, we believe the corporate setting is a powerful place where a greater calling and purpose can thrive.

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