Three Ways to Celebrate World Letter Writing Day!

When was the last time you received a letter from a friend who just wanted to tell you they care about you and hope that you are doing well? A letter is filled with intention — from finding the right paper and pen, to spending a moment to plan your thoughts, to searching through the junk drawer for a stamp, to not letting it sit on your kitchen table for too long before it hits the mailbox.  

Perhaps it feels so special to receive a letter because sending intentional mail hits each of the five love languages. Someone spends quality time writing words of affirmation on something physical that you can touch and open like a gift.  

And how much more exciting is receiving a letter when it is from a friend overseas?!  Imagine the excitement of your sponsored child when they open a letter from their friend in North America who is thinking about them and cares about how their life is going.

If you enjoy this endearing experience of sending and receiving letters, we have great news for you. This Sunday, September 1st is World Letter Writing Day! To celebrate this special holiday, we came up with three ways you can celebrate!


1 ) Host a letter-writing brunch


Are you one of those people who enjoys a good Sunday brunch? (Who isn’t one of these people?) Step it up a notch and host a letter-writing party! After writing a letter to your friend overseas, think of other people in your community who could use some hope and encouragement. Consider providing pens, markers, stickers, and stationary for your guests to use to write letters along with you.

PS: We’ve already made a checklist below for your Sunday brunch party.

Click to download and print!

2 ) Write multiple letters at a time


Life can get incredibly busy, especially around back-to-school/holiday season. Our suggestion is to take some time this Sunday to write multiple letters to your friend if you know you won’t have time to write throughout the year. We recommend writing to your friend every three months — that’s only four letters! 


Feeling kinda stuck? We’ve provided some prompts, linked below.

3) Help your community write letters 


Let the people in your community know about World Letter Writing Day! One option to help get your church, school, friends, or business involved in this hope-igniting holiday is to print out numerous letter forms (linked below). You can also save the letter writing form and email it to your partnering community. Chances are that not many people know about World Letter Writing Day, but together we can take up our pens and send hope all around the globe. 



Whatever you do to celebrate, please know that your letters to your friends overseas make a huge difference. 

For more helpful tips on how to write your sponsored child (or to write your child online today), click  here

World Letter Writing Day is this Sunday September 1st. How will you celebrate?!