HopeChest Partners with “One of the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado”

Children’s HopeChest has historically partnered with churches, schools, and communities that are passionate about making a global impact on poverty.

BUT, did you know that HopeChest also partners with businesses?! “The most successful companies give employees a sense of belonging,” says Sue Shellenbarger in the Wall Street Journal Article, “Why Perks No Longer Cut it for Workers.”

This is why Children’s HopeChest is partnering with businesses that are about more than the bottom line. At HopeChest, we believe the corporate setting is a powerful place where a greater calling and purpose can thrive.



Our newest partnership launched last Friday (March 1st) with BombBomb, a Colorado-based video email platform that is rehumanizing digital connection through relationships. BombBomb’s CEO, Conor McCluskey, understands what it takes to build a business that creates meaningful impact beyond a profit.

“The reason why we show up every day is not just to make money. You have to make money to pay everyone and all of that, but if you have a deeper meaning and purpose, you get better employee retention. You get better alignment to your values and goals.”  Conor, Co-Founder + CEO of BombBomb


Conor sharing the vision of the impactful partnership with Mt. Elgone CarePoint in Kenya during the Friday lunch hour


When businesses partner with Children’s HopeChest, they not only have the opportunity to play a role in transforming the lives of vulnerable children and their communities through sustainable projects, but they also have the chance to create greater purpose, meaning, and fulfillment for their employees. Rallying toward a common goal unites employees and creates the sense of community within the company.

BombBomb, which was voted one of the best companies to work for in Colorado by ColoradoBiz Magazine, is a gold star example of a business that takes their corporate responsibility to the next level through global-minded partnership. Their foundational values are relationships, fun, humility, flexibility, and service and all five of these values shone through at their partnership launch with Mt. Elgone CarePoint in Kenya. (This is our first Kenya partnership!)


“It’s awesome to be a part of what this company is doing [through partnership].” Taylor

Taylor, a BombBomb employee, stated that “it’s awesome” to be working for a company that cares about more than the bottom line. Talking to more BombBomb employees about the partnership, the excitement was tangible. The answer to why BombBomb employees love working for the company echoed again and again that it’s because they are connected to meaningful opportunities.

Janine, an employee who drives from Divide, Colorado each morning, explained that the long trek is worth it because she works at a place she loves. She further stated,  “I’ve been working here for about four years, and he [Conor] has pulled us into his passion [for Kenya] and I think that’s really neat. And a great opportunity to be really involved.”

Children’s HopeChest’s business partnership with BombBomb is an example of a truly unique and flexible way that businesses can focus on social responsibility and increase employee engagement through an impactful connection to a vulnerable community.


Conor McCluskey – Co-Founder + CEO of BombBomb (left), Ken Sparks – CEO + President of HopeChest, and Darin Dawson – Co-Founder + President of BombBomb (right)


Conor and Darin are leading the way in creating a culture of generosity and compassion. Darin says, “We could not have found a better thing to tie our ‘why’ to than when Ken Sparks, HopeChest President + CEO, proposed this concept of partnership… We wanted to have a ‘why’ that was bigger than just making money.” Social responsibility impacts everyone involved.

Your company, too, can be connected to a greater calling and the first step is to call HopeChest to learn about the creative and flexible ways we can adapt to your culture and your  company’s Greater Calling!



Are you ready to take your company to the next level? If you are interested in increasing employee engagement, creating a culture of generosity and compassion, and making your organization a more attractive place to work, contact Wil Crooks (VP of Strategic Partnerships), here.