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How Social Work and Adoption Led Me to Work at HopeChest

Whitney’s work at Children’s HopeChest as Partner Development Manager is to connect others who share her passions of justice and advocacy to HopeChest’s invitation to community transformation. Today she shares her powerful and vulnerable story of how social work and adoption led her to work with HopeChest.

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“God, Why Have You Sent Me Here?”

Each year that I have returned it amazes me how the children remember me! How they hold onto the memories made over just six days a year. These children love the relationship that we are building, as do I!

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How Do You Feel About Change?

Prior to this trip we were told we’d be doing “something different.” We wouldn’t be making “Home Visits” but instead, we’d have something called “Community Time” with parents and guardians of the children at Tullo CarePoint. This was something new and totally foreign to us. To say we were disappointed is an understatement.  Reasons had been explained, however, and we were all somewhat willing to “try something new.”

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This Year, Discover the Power of Hope –
in Your Life, and in Theirs

We believe in the power of hope to transform lives. Join us as we celebrate the many facets of hope that light up vulnerable communities across the globe!