Category: Personal Impact

When We Don’t See Tangible Results

There are many days when we do not see any tangible results from serving God and carrying out the work we sense God is leading us to do.  We try to rest in the fact that God is at work even though we as humans seem to long for quantifiable markers to affirm the work of our hands.

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Simplifying our Relationship with God and Others

I think this CarePoint visit inspired a shift in my heart and the hearts of those on my team — the willingness to go wherever God tells you to go, but also remembering to live kingdom-minded instead of earth-minded. Whether it be across town or across the ocean, I’ve been convicted to be willing to BE wherever He calls me.

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Help Make an Impact for Years to Come

Planned giving is the tool you can use to change the lives of children around the world through HopeChest while also benefiting you and your family for years to come. There are numerous ways to be involved in changing lives that do not require cash donations.

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