Come and Drink Coffee: Eyerus’s Story

Coffee is a huge part of many of our daily lives. Stories are poured out over cups that are filled up. For Eyerus, a single mother living in Ethiopia, coffee became a turning point in her personal narrative.

Four years ago, Eyerus’s husband passed away, and with a health condition, no home, no source of income,  and no one to turn to, her life seemed to be quickly unraveling. She recalls crying every day and feeling painfully distant from the life she wanted for herself and her two daughters.

It was the saddest time in my life.  I was so far away,” Eyerus says.

In the midst of her desperation, she glimpsed the possibility of a new life and an opportunity to change her situation. After her daughters enrolled at the I Care for the Nations CarePoint (ICFTN), she was invited to the coffee ceremony program called “Come and Drink Coffee.”  In this program, women at the CarePoint are able to share about their lives and receive psychological, emotional, and spiritual support.

Eyerus greeting women at Come and Drink Coffee with a huge smile and open arms.

Eyerus said, “I was too confused, stressed and depressed about my health condition and my husband’s death. I didn’t even think that I would be able to raise my children. After I came to the CarePoint, my life became changed from the psychological support. I can say it is forever a  life-changing program. I can communicate my problems and discuss my challenges with friends who have similar stories as me, and who have the capacity to hear me, to share my emotion, and to have a compassionate heart. After my mind became settled through this program, I got a chance to join barista training.”

By training future baristas, Eyerus is investing back into her community and helping more women to become self-sustaining.

Last year, Eyerus graduated from the Barista Training Program and was hired at ICFTN to train other women. Standing first in her class, she is well-equipped to train other widows and single mothers to make coffee and espresso at the CarePoint.

Yes, my hope continues,” proclaims Eyerus, who now has her own small coffee shop! Each day at her shop, people stop by and enjoy delicious coffee. She has many customers and has gained a community of strong and resilient women who support and encourage her. Eyerus plans on expanding her shop in the future to fully support herself and her two daughters.

Eyerus in her small coffee shop, which is as joyful and vibrant as she is!

Eyerus is a vibrant example of how HopeChest programs in Ethiopia are transforming the lives of women and their families. Today, as you sip your daily coffee (or tea!) we encourage you to pray for the encouragement and success of women like Eyerus who are working toward a bright future.