Serghei Mihailov
Country Director | Moldova
Project Description

I was born in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. When Moldova proclaimed its independence and the Soviet Union collapsed, my family felt the repercussions firsthand. Both of my parents lost their jobs and my parents divorced under the financial and personal pressures of navigating life in post-Soviet Moldova. Living with my aunt, I discovered the miracle of God’s unconditional love. While attending College of Theology and Education, I was invited by Vladimir Ubeivolc (president and co-founder of Beginning of Life) to volunteer at Beginning of Life, a Moldova-based nonprofit that partners with HopeChest. For me, this ministry made it possible to give a chance to individuals to get out of deep poverty and to be set free; the same chance that was given to me in the past. I completed my master’s and grew from being a volunteer to the Executive Director of Beginning of Life. The more I continue to serve, the more deeply I realize that God is powerful and faithful in His mission.